jazz-day(UJ.com3.0) INSTANBUL – In occasione dell’International Jazz Day del 30 Aprile si terrà ad Istanbul, città ospite degli eventi 2013, una tavola rotonda dal titolo:
“Jazz Festivals: The work and art of promoting jazz around the world”

Tra i relatori, Carlo Pagnotta, direttore artistico di Umbria Jazz.

Synopsis: A round table on jazz and festivals will be realized as part of the International Jazz Day. With the participation of director of Serious, London Jazz Festival’s organiser Claire Whitaker, founder of Umbria Jazz Festival Carlo Pagnotta, and founder of Jazz à Juan and Monte-Carlo Jazz Festival Jean-René Palacio and moderated by Fritz Thom, founder of Jazz Fest Wien and chairman of International Jazz Festivals Organization: the panel will feature discussions on the challenges that are faced working to promote jazz in the world, and how to establish global alliances to promote and foster jazz appreciation across the globe and across generations.

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